The Bureau of Land Management has recently made land patents and  three types of survey-related records available online for the State of Oklahoma.   These records include federal surveys, plats, and field notes used when land was transferred (via land patent) from the Federal government to individuals.. 

To find and retrieve surveys, plats, and field notes:
1) On the Survey Search page (accessible via the green menu bar on all web pages) you may enter information about the location of the surveyed land and the type of survey you are interested in. Important: it is better to fill in a few fields and get many "hits" than it is to attempt to fill in all the fields and possibly miss the survey you're looking for.
2) The Survey Results List page shows brief descriptions of all the surveys that match the criteria you entered on the Survey Search page. Each entry in the list represents a survey.   To select a survey in the list to see its detailed information, plat, and field notes, click the survey's Survey Type.
3) The Survey Details page shows information from the survey, the survey's plat, and the surveyors' field notes. The various data and images from the records are divided into four tabs on the page: Survey Data, Plat Data, Plat Images, and Field Note Images. 

You may choose an image viewer or the option to download image files by clicking the links below the image.

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